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Foot Traps


                           PAT# 7367154B2

                           PAT# 7367154B2

KB Compound 5.5 Predator

This is built the way a trap should be, ready to go "out of the box!" This is a totally new and unique design with features not found on any other trap on the market today.

The KB Compound 5.5 with 1/4" offset has a 5 3/8" inside jawspread, and a 6 1/8"outside jawspread. 

The 4 coils of this trap also act as the shock absorber, which as the animal pulls the jaws slightly compress increasing the holding power, as the animal relaxes, so do the jaws.  Very unique feature ! 

    PLEASE NOTE: This trap is available in a             
  • STANDARD plain jaw model 
  • LAMINATED with 3/16 cold-rolled rod 
  • KUSHION with rubber pads

KB Kushion 5.5

Custom designed, non-hardening, rubber pads has a 5 3/8" inside jawspread, and a 6 1/8"outside jawspread.

KB Kushion Conversion Kit

KB Kushion Conversion Kit - Everything you need to convert the standard jawed KB Compound 5.5 traps to a "Kushioned" version or padded trap.  Each trap kit contains; 2 Securing Bars; 2 Molded Pads; 4 Bolts; and 4 nuts.

Clamp the securing bars in place on your standard KB traps, mark and drill the holes, and install the pads using the supplied hardware. It's that easy ! 

CDR 7.5

This trap has a 7½-inch jaw outside spread (7-1/4-inch inside spread) with the strongest music wire springs ever used. Our trap is the fastest large jaw coilspring available on the market today. It is the only beaver trap equipped with a Paws-I-Trip pan system direct from the manufacturer. All traps have a full length base plate and D-ring for bottom swiveling. The unique Notch-In wire lever lets the loose jaw lay flat every time. Each trap comes with a 6-inch heavy duty #3 machine chain and two heavy duty swivels.

CDR 7.5 Setters (Pair) make setting the CDR 7.5 Beaver trap very easy and simple. They are applied in pairs one on each wire lever which are then depressed for engaging the dog onto the Paws-I-Trip pan.  Each is a heavy-duty, flat metal bar that acts as a handle with a metal angle welded onto it which engages the underside of the wire lever.

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